Gourmet Cake Pops and Custom Creative Desserts

Welcome to Pop Goes the Party. LLC! We are thrilled you've found us and are standing by to help make your next event pop!
Cake pops are easily becoming the most popular sweet treat to ever hit the party scene! Here's why...they're delicious moist cake "popped" onto a stick and dipped in a chocolate candy coating. They can be decorated and shaped to match any theme. You may have seen them as favors for weddings and parties, or as part of a dessert tablescape. Recently, businesses have even used them as a "sweet" and unique marketing tool given to new clients, instead of just a business card. The possibilities are truly endless!

Photo Credit: Contemporary Captures


How are PGTP cake pops different? Unlike traditional cake pops or cake balls, our cake pops are 100% cake, NOT mixed with frosting. We believe this makes them light and scrumptious because their texture remains like cake, not like a truffle. In addition, we offer creative and distinct filling options, typically not available from other distributors. Our made-from-scratch fillings are the perfect option for an additional burst of flavor. 

Photo Credit: Kristi Ramos Photography


Want to add some pop to your party but don't know where to start? Check out our Pop Photo Gallery for some inspiration, or head over to our Menu to see some fun flavor options.

Get ready to: Bake. Create. POP!

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